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M y S tudio. N et / MYRRHCE

MYRRHCE's Videos

Category:  Original Music
Description:  Myrrh-Ce doing what she loves in the name of FREEEEDDDOMMM! Come get it!
Rating:  All Ages

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Member Since: Aug 20 2010
Birthdate: Aug 11, 1985

Here For: Showcase Talent
Ethnicity: Other
Talent: Singer
Interests: vibrating at high frequencies.....positive experience.....creative expression....LIFE!
Hobbies: Reading, Farming, Creating Music, Drawing, Esoteric, Laughing, Dancing, Ayurveda, Life, Love...You!
Born In: London
United Kingdom
I Live In: Miami, NY US Wanderlust!
United States
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Children: No
Favorites: huh? Lol
Passion: Life
Sports: Yoga, Dance, Jane Fonda....yeah I said it!
Books: The Witch of Portabello, Numerology, Astrology, Iced, Neurology, Dreams and many many many
Music: Deftones, Bjork, Alanis Morrisette, Outkast, Roots, SOAD, TOOOOOLLLL! Seal, Alicia Ke
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