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M y S tudio. N et / MCKALI

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Category:  Original Music
Description:  krazieadrenalinelingeringinside drum n bass-hardcore lyracist n all up in ya mfcKn face-never misplace the queen of the rap flow-ja know-hiphop-triphop-breakbeat-rugged n raw rock flux JUNGLIST n i am jungled-rhyming to producer JCUT SELECTA infinite fury sounds and MC KALI the one lady get down crew-straight rockin ya hittah hardcore-b on the lookout 4 ZONE ZILLA the new 2nd member of the get down crew 4 U-peace
Rating:  Mature
Category:  Original Music
Description:  K.A.L.I-krazieadrenalinelingeringinside n i be dat hip-hop-drum-n-bass-junglist-original style trust this-lyrical emcee-n one of da sickest-bust this!yo-yo
Rating:  Mature

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