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Category:  Original Music
Description:  I wasnt going to put this up due to TOO many things I didnt like lol but oh well, theyre one takes and it was free... look for this video soon with the rest of the crew.
Rating:  All Ages
Category:  Original Music
Description:  I should have left the guitar off... new rule, don not use the cord.
Rating:  All Ages
Category:  Original Music
Description:  Just another fun song. The theme of the song is from Song of Solomon 2 vs. 3. Sorry for some of the pitch problems, guess thats what happens with one-takes.
Rating:  All Ages
Category:  Original Music
Description:  Dustin and Jordan rocking out the fresh new jam. First time MyStudio users.
Rating:  All Ages

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Member Since: Jun 18 2011
Birthdate: Oct 06, 1989

Ethnicity: Other
Talent: Singer
Interests: Triniity, Church, Prayer Room, Friends, Guitar, Piano, Karate, Flipping.
Hobbies: Singing, Guitaring, Pianoing, Praying, Loving, Flipping.
Born In: Kansas City , Missouri
United States
I Live In: Kansas City
United States
Education: High School
Sports: Karate.
Books: Bible, Redeeming Love.
Music: Christian, Anointed, Smooth, Fresh, Groove.
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