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M y S tudio. N et / Jeremybright

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Category:  Original Music
Description:  Like the backgrounds, fades, and editing?? You can make a video like this too. Just record several takes of your song with green screen or various backgrounds. Request your free DVD from MyStudio and edit till your hearts content! My song was very special and I wanted the best video I could present. MyStudio worked with me and allowed me to give you just that! You can do the same too! Dedicated to the precious and the innocent. What about their choice? Choose life for them and a life without regrets for you. Adoption is hope and a second chance for everyone involved.
Rating:  All Ages

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Member Since: Feb 9 2009
Birthdate: Jan 15, 1971

Status: Single
Here For: Showcase Talent
Occupation: Engineer
Interests: Music, Recording, Fitness
Born In: Phoenix , Arizona
United States
I Live In: Phoenix , Arizona
United States
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Children: Yes
Passion: Music, Fitness ...
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