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Category:  Original Music
Description:  Hey Everyone! We are Home Jones and we want to thank you for taking the time out to review our video being debuted here on We are currently recording our next CD and Studio 2911 and this Original Music (OM) selection "Same Time" is a pre-release from our untitled CD. A little about us! Home Jones is a small independent unsigned group of artists that performs original music and some cover tunes all over the Greater Phoenix Area; with occasional tours about the country. Our focus is on creating music (original music) that reflects life and the many situations we encounter that defines our character (who we are and what makes us tick). The music is really about life and is designed to help us get through the experiences that are the significant moments of our existence. Whatever you are going through, you are not alone. The band, Home Jones has a sense of purpose, we have a goal, we have a deep bench of creative writers, and we have the will and desire to become the greatest band that ever existed; but we lack the discretionary funding for large recording and video projects. We knew that if we were serious about attaining our vision, it was important to have a video to present ourselves to the organizations and individuals who require a visual of our music and performance style for consideration. If you're an artist, you know that you have to drop a minimum of about $5Gs to get a professionally taped HD video, and we didn't have that kind of cash just lying around. All we knew is that this was a necessary tool to get seen and heard by the industry players. We could have asked a few of our friends to bring their little digital cameras out to catch a live performance of the band, but those videos suffer from poor lighting and sound quality and the final product was not going to be something that we would be able to use to promote ourselves. We were frustrated because we needed a high quality video to represent us, still we were determined to get a quality video to promote our music and provide for our future. We were rackin' our brains for an answer when we heard about MyStudio and that for $20 we could shot a 3 minute video and take the disc home with us. Alas, a solution that we could afford! We were excited about getting the video made when we discovered that Home Jones, a 7-peice OM indie band was not going to fit in the booth to record our video together. We had to be creative and think outside of the box (outside the booth in this case), but the challenge of finding a solution and the need to have a video offered some great ideas and even better solutions for putting together a video that we could be excited about and proud to share with our audience. So we went back to our studio and finalized the song "Same Time," which was one of the OMs we were working on that was closest to completion at the studio. We brought the finalized track back to the MyStudio booth and began systematically shooting individual sessions of the band. We would later edit these segments using video editing software tools on our desktop computer. It took us 16 independent interactive sessions to get everyone shot and placed in the video booth at a final cost of $320!!! (This is not a sells pitch, but if you are a serious artist, get off your butt, bust open your piggy bank, and get down here NOW!!! Our final cost was under $50 bucks a person for a HD quality video.) We think that it is important to share with you that the staff at MyStudio was very supportive and made themselves available to us throughout the entire taping process. Their advice and expertise is truly what made this video possible. They worked tirelessly to make certain that our debut and release of 'Same Time' would be a memorable one and we are happy to announce to all of our supporters that we are glad to have this video in our tool belt. I know that this is not the Grammys, but I personally want to thank Lionel Martin, Shelly Yakus, Cary Miller, and January Pongtratic for their interaction and hospitality. There are others there at MyStudio whose names I don't know, but they helped us in so many ways. You know who you are. We thank you for all that you've done. Oh! Gabe's got the 'Hots' for Jennifer Robinson, so I have to mention her name here too! Thank you so much for visiting and we hope that you enjoy the video, Same Time...
Rating:  All Ages

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