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CocoaBrown's Videos

Category:  Comedy
Description:  Farah's take on rappers.
Rating:  Age 13 +
Category:  Comedy
Description:  On dating men.
Rating:  Age 13 +
Category:  Comedy
Description:  Cocoa Brown delivers some of her Stand-Up.
Rating:  Age 13 +

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Member Since: May 22 2008
Birthdate: Oct 09, 1972

Status: In A Relationship
Here For: Feeling Adventurous
Occupation: Laugh Therapist
Interests: Creating a world that is full of love, laughs and great sex..even it its all in my head!
Hobbies: Singing duets with Asian boys in karoake bars, white men's FICA scores and Black men in boxer shorts!! Oh and going to church:)
Born In: Bad News(Thanx Vick) , Virginia
United States
I Live In: Los Angeles , California
United States
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Education: Master's Degree
Children: Yes
Favorites: Anything that makes me money, gives me money or finds me money!!
Passion: Being me all day everyday with no regrets!
Sports: NBA &/or NFL players...I'm down
Books: The 99 Laws of Power & Kama Sutra
Music: Anything I can use the 99 Laws or Kama Sutra to
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