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How long have you been singing/playing?
6/15/2012 2:50:20 PM

this looks like a lot of fun!
9/26/2010 7:50:48 PM

you have some good guitar likcs seriously your talented
9/25/2010 7:58:56 PM

Nice video.
8/4/2010 9:18:44 AM

Very creative video!
3/12/2009 11:18:34 AM

What a great way to remember the days of the week
3/11/2009 2:20:04 PM

Thank you for your thoughful comment! I also play locally in a group named "Copper Skies". I am playing at Ground Control Coffee (wine/food/beer/coffee bar) in Goodyear this Friday from 8-11pm. We do classic rock, sing-along tunes!
3/11/2009 6:00:25 PM

Very cool!
3/10/2009 9:57:25 PM

Thank you.
3/11/2009 11:15:36 AM

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