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PRETTY MUCH    From Alexxs

Your look is awesome.
3/26/2012 11:54:33 AM

Catchy song and good hook!! Ready to hear it with accompaniment!!
1/30/2012 6:05:38 PM

Love your hair. Great voice! :D
1/19/2012 2:33:17 PM

great job
9/2/2010 5:01:39 PM

pretty much this is an amazing song
8/4/2010 8:45:48 PM

great job
7/4/2010 11:39:46 PM

good job
7/3/2010 8:30:17 PM

go head youngsta! dont worry about boyz keep ur mind on GOD! keep writing songz and singin ur heart out....
5/8/2010 7:48:45 PM

8/28/2009 1:10:30 PM

Ya'atay... greetings Alexxs, Nice acappella promo vid. I took a listen to some of your other promo's. I think I prefer the acappella promo. It's not to heavy on the vocal processing. --LOL-- Your other promo's are also good. Have a great weekend. Many smiles and good energy sent, Marceo Producer-Director Apache Films and Entertainment
7/3/2009 4:50:43 PM

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