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CERCA DE TI    From nerdylobo

8/10/2011 11:06:13 AM

This is getting very FEW views, so I'll just translate it: Si decidiera negar mi fe(If I decided to deny my faith) Y no confiar nunca mas en El(And never trust in Him again) No tengo a donde ir(I have nowhere to go) Si despreciara en mi corazon(If my heart rejected) La santa gracia que me salvo(the holy grace that saved me) No tengo a donde ir, no tengo a donde ir(I have nowhere to go) Convencido estoy que sin tu amor se acabarian mis fuerzas (I'm convinced that without your love, my strength would diminish) Y sin ti mi corazon sediento, se muere, se seca (And without you my heart withers, dries up, and dies) Cerca de ti, yo quiero estar(I want to be close to you) De tu presencia no me quiero alejar (I don't want to be far from your presence) Cerca de ti, Jesus, yo quiero estar De tu presencia no me quiero alejar
8/2/2011 9:16:06 PM

Good job.
8/2/2011 10:28:44 AM

Thanks! Do you think I sound better a capella, or with a soundtrack? Please let me know, thank you! Hope you're having a great week!
8/2/2011 11:52:55 AM

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