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ITS YOUR LOVE    From teddywolf

Sweet vid!
2/14/2012 8:47:34 PM

5/25/2011 4:33:37 PM

that his is pretty dope!
5/25/2011 4:33:30 PM

this is such a great video love this song
5/18/2011 9:53:00 PM

Thank you Mirella! I love this song as well! It's one of his greats! Don't take the girl is my favorite of all time though! :)
5/18/2011 11:39:18 PM

5/18/2011 10:35:28 AM

Thanks for the thumbs up! :)
5/18/2011 11:37:36 PM

5/17/2011 9:17:35 AM

That could go either way! lol Is that a good fascinating or a bad fascinating? lol
5/18/2011 11:25:03 PM

You sound great! You should sing it again with your wife/girlfriend, turn it into a duet just like Tim and Faith! That would be an amazing video!
5/17/2011 1:18:30 AM

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