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CRAIG WHITE    From craigw

This made my day lol you guys are great :) even though you didn't know some of the lyrics Who is playing the air guitar and air drums? you are truly amazing your solo was grand lol and your dance def hot lol
5/15/2011 9:16:34 PM

5/3/2011 7:18:53 PM

Guys, go back and redo this video. 3 young fellas uncomfortable in front of the camera? Put the guy with the glasses on in the middle. (or let him go solo) Wear matching tops. Practice before you enter the booth and showcase yourselves to the world in a professional manner. You know you can. There's a young audience out there waiting for Trios.
4/30/2011 1:27:20 AM

We were just doing this for fun. We walked by the mystudio booth and thought, "hey, let's try it!" We might go back and do it sometime in a professional manner. This first time we just wanted to see what it was like. I'm confident that if we go back, we can make a good video. Thanks for the advice!
5/4/2011 9:33:40 AM

I was hoping to hear some rich harmonies from you 3. And one of you needs to step up and become the LEAD singer and the others follow his lead. Good effort, though. :-)
4/29/2011 3:04:31 PM

4/27/2011 9:42:32 AM

This is amazing!
4/26/2011 8:44:51 PM

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