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SWEET!! I didn't know you played the Violin! And you're pretty awesome at it too! :)
5/18/2011 10:17:14 AM

Thank you very much! Everyone's opinions mean so much to me. I need to buy new strings for my violin...I'm going to get dominants because they produce a rich, deep tone. As soon as I buy them, I'll make more violin vids. So please stay tuned! :-)
5/18/2011 11:08:48 PM

I broke my penguin!! :-/
5/5/2011 4:20:06 PM

I absolutely love your violin playing so very nice! Linda
4/12/2011 1:07:14 PM

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. They are having X Factor auditions all this month, so after that I'll make more violin videos like this one. I'm working on the 2nd movement of this concerto these days...
4/13/2011 7:35:47 PM

Your very smooth with your approach. I'm very interested in seeing more videos made by you. Where did you attend school?
3/31/2011 4:52:15 PM

Thank you! Well...I attended several different schools. In high school, I attended a small church-school and THAT is where I learned how to play the violin at the age of 14. At 1st, I rented a violin from my teacher...then my parents bought me this one. And I've been playing it ever I'm a graduate student/research assistant here in AZ.
4/1/2011 12:49:45 AM

3/30/2011 10:05:23 AM

Nice video.
3/29/2011 3:19:47 PM

I love your comments...very short and sweet, LOL. Thanks for your input.
3/29/2011 7:24:52 PM

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