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NOTE TO GOD    From nerdylobo

way to have fun!
3/9/2011 4:44:36 PM

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Next time, I will try to sing "You Raise Me Up", the way Josh Groban sings it. That's an even tougher song, because it's going to challenge my range. There are some very high notes in there, as well as some very low ones. I have no trouble hitting the lower notes, but the high ones are going to be hard for me to hit. Because I think I am actually a baritone-tenor singer.
3/9/2011 6:39:29 PM

Good video.
3/7/2011 10:30:34 AM

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback!
3/7/2011 2:12:32 PM

Thanks! I wish I could do BOTH simultaneously, but my jaw is stuck to the chin rest of the violin. But now I'd like to learn the guitar, so that I can sing and play an instrument all at once. There must be someone out there who won't charge me too much to teach me this gorgeous instrument. Otherwise, I could teach myself...or at least try. 11,000 views so far...OK, so it didn't go viral like I hoped! But that's still a LOT of views, in my opinion. And I hope all those ppl enjoyed it! :-)
3/7/2011 7:35:43 AM

I just watched this video again, Andres. It makes me proud to know someone who has as big of a heart as you.
3/6/2011 11:31:26 AM

But now the question is: Do I have real talent or not? I'll let you be the judge!
3/6/2011 12:10:07 PM

3/6/2011 2:17:27 AM

Thank you! Have a great week!
3/6/2011 4:55:48 AM

Andres, this is such a beautiful song. The lyrics are so deep. You really got into the song and I love that. Your vowels were excellent. Keep your heart burning for Christ. Keep up your determination.
3/6/2011 2:11:37 AM

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