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ANONYMOUS 1836    From guitarman

7/26/2011 9:36:02 AM

I love it David and Loretta...You two are going places I just know it..David I have told you this before...And Loretta I am a new fan of yours and I just love to hear you sing...Best of luck to the both of you..You are awesome...Laura
11/5/2010 8:31:59 AM

thanks for the kind, and supporting words thumper!!! loretta and i have been working together for about 3 years now. 1st time i heard her sing i was floored! i'm way lucky to have a music partner like her. she also has a site here. have a listen, and see what you think! thanks again! YOU ROCK!!!
11/5/2010 8:44:29 AM

11/2/2010 1:23:26 AM

another great one David!!!! I love your music even better live!!!!
11/1/2010 4:30:03 PM

thanks zookeeper!!! you rock!!!
11/2/2010 5:09:15 AM

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