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MY LOVE    From TheLyricist1

very nice, Loved listening to it
3/7/2013 1:13:09 PM

Nice job.
8/17/2011 11:23:28 AM

Very nice!!
7/12/2011 1:09:31 PM

Thank You
7/12/2011 1:46:21 PM

love love, love it!
10/29/2010 3:40:43 PM

Thank you
10/29/2010 7:46:19 PM

Thanks for the comment. Great song. What inspired the writing of this one? :-)
10/26/2010 10:50:14 AM

Thank you. What inspired me to write this... well one day I was just thinking to myself, how would I feel if I was away from someone I loved and could not be with them. Then these words just came to me.
10/26/2010 1:18:09 PM

simply amazing....the vocals and lyrics create hard hitting emotions! I look forward seeing more originals.
10/23/2010 1:50:08 PM

Thank you. That means a lot to me.
10/24/2010 1:07:12 AM

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