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HEY SOUL SISTER - USHER    From jonnyvan

Alright! Now I JUST LOVE this song!! Even better than Train's acoustic version too!! Love the Uke too!
3/30/2012 10:36:16 AM

Very NICE!!
2/15/2012 7:28:04 PM

All your videos bring a smile to my face. Please keep them coming.
2/2/2012 2:54:59 PM

lol i have the same uke :) awesome!
4/10/2011 2:18:01 PM

this is so goood1 ive watchedit a few times
10/4/2010 4:21:58 PM

keep up the good work dude you are really good at singing and guitar
10/4/2010 4:12:29 PM

Well done.
10/4/2010 9:07:28 AM

10/2/2010 7:22:51 PM

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