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UWG ANGELS    From awalden1

i love this song! make more videos like this!
9/25/2010 7:36:22 PM

9/5/2010 10:20:25 AM

Thanks guys!! & @Hollywood Diva90: we used 2 sing it all the time when we were little too! It's been a while tho, that's y we didn't remember some of the words lol
8/13/2010 1:28:22 PM

8/27/2010 1:14:27 PM

that was cute, me and my lil sister sing that song all the time.#lovedit xoxo
8/13/2010 9:03:05 AM

This was cute. Just having fun!
8/10/2010 9:52:36 AM

Good video.
8/9/2010 8:39:56 AM

i love this cover song! you sang it really well!
8/8/2010 9:23:45 PM

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