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IM YOURS    From Jedwin

Great vocals man. Keep the great videos coming. Whoo whoo
2/2/2012 3:23:53 PM

Very nice. A solid cover. : ) Good job.
10/13/2011 3:51:08 PM

7/11/2011 9:56:56 AM

I'm so honored to know you, Jed! You're so talented in so many different've got a great voice, you're a fantastic guitarist, and you OWN the bowling alley! I love this background, it makes me want to hop on a plane straight to Hawaii!
5/19/2011 12:11:43 AM

Love the vocals! Great job!
12/30/2010 2:13:57 PM

good job
6/13/2010 9:44:27 PM

Aww this is realllly goood!(: You have such a great voice! btw it's shaked from yeterday.
6/7/2010 10:25:06 AM

good job
5/28/2010 6:12:50 PM

Wow that was great!!! Your good!
4/13/2010 1:20:00 AM

i love this song!!!
4/9/2010 10:40:44 PM

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