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ANGENICA    From Moore213

8/10/2011 11:11:17 AM

good job!
4/26/2010 4:56:01 PM

oh yea and i forgot to sae thats me lol but i was kinda nervous doin that but it worked out fine once again thanks fah thee commens really appreciate it oh and chek out my youtubes videos in the search box typ in wannieish and they will appear so check them out and leave me some love and again thankz for the comments
4/5/2010 4:10:25 PM

thankz everybody for the comment im really trynna persue a career in music im trying and trying but seems like i cant come across a record perducers and theres none down here in the falls so somebody plz give me some advise but if you can find any record producers plz let me know
4/5/2010 4:07:46 PM

janet?!? niiiice!
3/31/2010 12:30:50 PM

3/31/2010 10:27:03 AM

Nice video.
3/31/2010 9:41:57 AM

You rock!
3/30/2010 10:48:48 PM

Nice video!
3/30/2010 9:31:56 PM

3/30/2010 9:29:42 PM

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