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ARE YOU IN    From Sandra

good job
6/4/2010 4:00:44 PM

nice job!
5/1/2010 3:47:56 PM

Nice video.
2/11/2010 12:49:05 PM

first off, incubus is amazing. and this just made my day. secondly, these kids are FANTASTIC!!! sienna has got the moves! haha i love this!!
2/10/2010 10:32:25 AM

hahahahaha omg DANIEL!
2/8/2010 3:51:47 PM

she needs to teach her brothers how to dance!
2/8/2010 2:03:37 PM

hahahaha so cute i love how mad she gets in the beginning
2/8/2010 11:44:15 AM

Awesome video, The song is always a good play. Even if all the words arent right.
2/8/2010 10:17:01 AM

This is super cute! This song is a family fav...clearly one person didn't really know the!
2/6/2010 11:06:15 PM

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