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JET    From jet_2323

this is really good
6/22/2010 9:14:29 PM

tgreat! video!
6/17/2010 10:01:53 PM

good job
6/6/2010 7:39:52 PM

1/17/2010 11:42:25 AM

Very fun Video.
1/13/2010 12:59:34 PM

Great job on the fly mom, liked the dance moves too! What fun!
1/13/2010 12:08:02 PM

Very entertaining.
1/13/2010 9:07:15 AM

Nice video.
1/12/2010 2:17:16 PM

Hahaha, fun fun fun! Good job guys!
1/11/2010 10:53:41 AM

oh my goodness, I don't rap! But my son insisted that we do this and he was going to be the entertainment! Then after he did the robot he lost his mojo. I wished I had at least known the words to the song before or I was good at impromptu, or somethin, but it was fun!
1/11/2010 11:47:57 PM

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