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STINKY FEET    From Jaymac4u

ummm smells like her?? lol
5/2/2012 10:56:18 AM

Haha!! Very funny stuff James!! Hope to hear more from you! You''re a good comedian - you perform anywhere? You'd be a natural!!
3/15/2012 5:31:19 PM

O My! You had me literally laughing out loud. Great realistic comedy! Everybody has experience some stinky feet. how funny! I had to go back and watch it again. Thanks!
2/2/2011 10:53:56 AM

haha i have stinky feet
9/22/2010 7:59:59 PM

so funny u are...
8/3/2010 10:59:15 PM

hahahah this is pretty funny! =]
7/14/2010 3:04:18 PM

nice video! =]
5/8/2010 9:24:53 PM

Nice video.
3/16/2010 10:25:45 AM

very funny video...keep up the good work man...B
11/29/2009 4:33:11 PM

HAHA, thats golden...child. I like the "smells like old boiled hot dog water" part...and the singing.
11/10/2009 2:18:10 PM

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