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Keep up the good work! this is too cute
8/18/2010 8:26:25 PM

thats the cutest baby i think ive ever seen.
7/18/2010 1:26:39 PM

We think so
7/19/2010 5:55:12 AM

Nice video.
3/29/2010 10:25:54 AM

He is perfect....I know you guys are proud:) I will have to take my little girl in there next time...She is 15 months:)
10/12/2009 8:33:51 AM

Yeah he's a real challenge sometime. I have girls 18 and 20 and they are so different than him.
10/12/2009 9:28:57 AM

Jettman is looking good. Love the beach scene.
10/7/2009 3:54:08 PM

Thanks. The Jettman makes sure he gets his rest at the expense of others.
10/7/2009 3:58:35 PM

Very handsome little guy--er, big guy.
10/5/2009 3:16:03 PM

The Jettman thanks you
10/6/2009 9:42:57 AM

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