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GLIBBER    From Beccs47

lol i cant stop laughing guys very funny video
9/26/2010 7:40:45 PM

hahah funniest video ive seen in a while!
9/5/2010 11:32:04 PM

keep up the good work kids make more videos~!
8/23/2010 8:44:55 PM

this looks like way too much fun!
8/22/2010 9:43:16 PM

Good video.
4/12/2010 9:02:43 AM

whats with the hands??? and raybands are OUT!!!! especially fake ones
9/6/2009 4:41:20 PM

the only reason i clicked on this was because i wanted to laugh ....... im laughing does this statement sound familiar and by the way were 12
9/4/2009 9:05:20 PM

Awesome Ladies!
9/3/2009 4:31:00 PM

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