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MAGIC DIVAS    From KayGib

good job kids and good luck on the contest!
8/23/2010 8:48:17 PM

Good job.
4/23/2010 9:15:20 AM

looking forward to seeing more kayla!
9/5/2009 9:02:13 AM

9/4/2009 7:00:42 PM

you two are incredible! love it!xoxoxox
8/29/2009 7:04:12 AM

Not only are you adorable Kayla, you are very talented! Good luck. I hope you win!! Angela
8/28/2009 9:54:04 AM

I love this song! Do you watch Wizards of Waverly Place? I love Selena Gomez!
8/25/2009 6:38:28 PM

yes i do infact my teacher used to teach david henry in fith grade at cheyanne
8/25/2009 8:50:06 PM

Great job this is so cute I love it
8/18/2009 12:55:12 PM

8/16/2009 2:13:43 PM

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