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END OF THE WORLD    From JNiki2000

made my day :)
1/25/2012 11:53:28 AM

good voices girls this looks like fun!
9/11/2010 7:30:10 PM

this is the cutest thing ive ever seen=]
8/19/2010 8:28:48 PM

4/26/2010 9:08:59 AM

Your mom sent me this video. I love it! You're so sweet in it. Not just a rocker girl, huh? Hugs.
9/8/2009 9:28:39 PM

Thanks! Dad really likes this song.
9/9/2009 4:33:21 PM

Your mom said the screen didn't show the words. You did a wonderful job. It's amazing how well you knew this classic song. I don't think most kids your age know it. Keep the good singing going.
9/7/2009 5:50:53 PM

Thanks. No words on screen. That was scary.
9/9/2009 4:37:53 PM

please please vote for miley for my fly on the wall video!!!!!!!!!!!! :) please
8/30/2009 9:51:41 AM

please vote for me to do the miley cyrus contest please please please!!! :)
8/30/2009 9:50:43 AM

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