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I can tell you enjoy singing this song.. awesome job
2/28/2012 7:51:21 PM

i love the way you sang this song!
8/25/2010 8:09:05 PM

Cool video.
5/4/2010 8:50:55 AM

Your amazing!!!!
8/25/2009 5:49:43 PM

Thanks Alexis! Can't wait to record the next one!!!!!!
9/5/2009 10:13:25 AM

Your amazing!!!!
8/25/2009 5:49:41 PM

Your super!! Check out my videos Who Said and This is the Life!
8/10/2009 2:48:45 PM

hey come and watch these girls sing and have fun on our song and say ok vote vote vote
8/9/2009 9:51:51 PM

WOW This is wonderful you are so gifted
8/5/2009 12:02:07 PM

Thank you sooooo much! I love the mini burros in your photo. I have 6 horses and a miniature horse named Toby. He's so funny and he doesn't think he's a mini. He's got additude! To see more go to youtube and type in Payton Stanley.
8/6/2009 8:48:34 PM

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