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FLY WITH ME    From jaciandalyssa

Ha, creative dance guys! Keep it up!
2/14/2011 5:58:05 PM

Nice job.
6/2/2010 9:08:01 AM

I'm sure the Jonas Brothers would love your performance.
1/18/2010 10:36:36 AM

you should have won! not them!!
8/14/2009 9:14:45 PM

i ment to vote but havnt been on the computer in a long time.... do u know who won??????
8/14/2009 7:59:50 PM

Vote For SOS! haha you guys did a awesome job!
7/31/2009 8:33:11 PM

i voted! hope it helps!
7/17/2009 11:39:52 PM

i voted. we're not gonna win so i hope u guys do. good luck!
7/13/2009 10:16:55 AM

I vote!
7/6/2009 5:53:37 PM

Oooops. Sorry. I don't know why that posted so many times :/
7/5/2009 5:37:26 PM

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