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Wow girl you go!!! You've got a fantastic voice!! Love this one for sure.. keep posting!!
5/19/2012 8:29:33 AM

A very powerful voice AMAZING
3/29/2012 6:32:27 PM

Your voice is excellent :)
4/27/2011 6:12:28 PM

Amazing job!!! Have to disagree with Sephani hit it right on and were you in an actual studio 'within' the music rather than outside of it here, it would have shown. Perfect job!!!!!!
3/1/2011 12:51:45 PM

Well done.
6/9/2010 9:19:39 AM

Very nice!
2/10/2010 11:24:41 PM

Very powerful!! You have such a powerful force behind your voice, and you use it to the max. Talent all the way. Positive Criticism?: Just pick up the pace on the vocals a bit, and you'll have so much more power!!! Love it!!
9/27/2009 11:54:47 PM

more power as in a fuller tone and impact!!
9/27/2009 11:55:42 PM

Thanks for watching my video! And thank you so much for the compliments & the constructive criticism! It's much appreciated!
9/29/2009 10:35:35 PM

Amazing dynamic voice.
9/25/2009 11:44:10 PM

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