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KIVA ELEMENTARY    From lovepink16

2/20/2012 8:46:57 AM

6/10/2010 8:59:09 AM

Wow this little boy is a pimp...=) Good job you guys its funny
6/22/2009 2:43:11 PM

I REALLY wish that my class would have done this!! U rock! OH YEAH!! 7TH GRADERS!! :) haha The only guy in the video, but the only one who knew like ALL the words! Ur good! Good Job! :)
6/8/2009 9:22:35 AM

You have to enter the Jonas Brothers contest! This is a very fun video.
6/3/2009 11:32:17 AM

u r cute!!!!
6/2/2009 11:57:39 AM

OMG! This was sooooo much fun! Yayyyy! We are all officially 7th graders! Jane Harlie B. Indigo and Ian... ill miss you guys! all of you need to switch to Mohave so we can all see eachotherrr! ill miss you guys! And Kiva!!!
5/29/2009 10:58:38 AM

pure talent!!! Looks fun too :D
5/29/2009 9:07:06 AM

hhaa thanksss:D
5/29/2009 1:09:23 PM

thiss is soo embaressinggg. hahahahah and none of the guys are in thisss. so to everyone watching--- i wasnt the only guyyy! hahhahahahahah well this is really embaressingggg! :D
5/28/2009 9:56:11 PM

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