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WALKEN AND PESCI    From TheMyStudioPlayers

1/10/2012 5:59:05 PM

haha you guys are some funny cats!
7/31/2010 11:29:33 PM

good job
7/1/2010 11:01:47 PM

I love it! Hilarious. You youts....
5/4/2010 9:49:06 AM

Well they weren't on my feet but I beat a turtle with them to stay warm....I once stabbed a frog in the neck with a pen. BAHAHAHAHAHA You guys kill me every time. Still my fave MyStudio vid for sure
5/3/2010 10:20:52 PM

4/15/2010 6:52:58 AM

this. is. amaaaaazing. you both nailed these characters!
4/14/2010 3:20:01 PM

AWESOME!! I Love the part about how CW had to beat a turtle with his tap shoes to stay warm!! Hilarious, guys! Well written and well done!
4/13/2010 9:51:04 AM

This is hilarious! Naked donkeys? LOL
4/18/2008 10:20:09 PM

You guys should NEVER be left alone with expensive equipment or children.
4/10/2008 5:03:01 PM

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