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Do a music video! Wanna hear you sing!
2/18/2012 3:08:16 PM

Hello My Name is Miss Jeanet 24 years old, i got your detail at and i will like to know you more and be your good friend, get back to me here at my private email i.d ( that i will tell you all about myself and exchange pictures with you, and i have something to tell you about me hope to hear from you soon your new friend Jeanet (
12/4/2011 2:49:10 PM

you are beautiful
9/3/2011 3:25:53 AM

Would u wanna do a video together?
8/10/2011 3:08:32 PM

I meet all your criteria! Except that I'm struggling financially right now, but I'm going to be getting a good job pretty soon. If you're interested to know more about me, you can visit my profile and check out all my videos. Thank you.
7/30/2011 6:40:47 PM

I suppose you could say im into the music scene, and before i hit it big you might wanna check me and my boy out. Lets jus say there are 100's in the back
7/27/2011 10:41:11 PM

youve just descibed me...
3/15/2011 7:03:32 PM

Everyone has his vanity, and each one's vanity is his forgetting that there are others with an equal soul.
3/15/2011 7:01:55 PM

stop kissing her ass and encouring her. she's a lecherous, greedy, vacuous bint.
3/23/2011 1:07:22 PM

Hey You are awsome, and you will do well..What a great performance..Your words are strong, and your voice is clear..I am sure that you will find every thing in life that you are seeking.. Best Wishes Dale
11/13/2010 7:05:26 AM

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