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VAN HAGAR    From KevinODea

good job
6/28/2010 9:38:04 PM

lets go to bed? I know its a king size, but I still think the 2 of you wont fit at the same time. Funny though.
3/10/2009 10:28:18 AM

You Guys should get a morning RADIO SHOW!
8/11/2008 6:14:15 PM

glenn is a poser
7/14/2008 11:26:31 AM

The music was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better in the DAVE days...musically speaking.
6/30/2008 12:36:09 PM

This is stupid argument. I can't believe grown men even talk about this. Especially when the real question is who was a better front man for Sabbath, Ozzie or Dio. And clearly it's Dio!
3/12/2008 10:26:33 PM

get a room
7/31/2008 3:57:25 PM

your wrong glenn it's all about Van Halen
2/1/2008 4:08:59 PM

These guys rock Glen and Kevin are so much better than Will and Grace
1/10/2008 6:53:40 PM

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