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JIMBO ON STAGE    From Jimbo

you are cracking me up sir
8/6/2010 10:37:43 PM

jimbo you just cant stop making me laugh!
7/26/2010 9:39:06 PM
10/23/2009 4:42:16 PM

You never cease to amaze me Jimbo.
8/20/2008 2:00:19 PM

JIMBO!!!! You cease to amaze me! Great stuff!
8/19/2008 8:23:46 PM

What a great entertainer!
8/19/2008 3:53:55 PM

Jimbo, Thank you for my bunny!! I loved her and it was so much fun having you and your beautiful wife in the studio. I hope to see more and thanks!!
8/19/2008 2:56:11 PM

Very talented and love the wit
8/19/2008 11:17:43 AM

I really have no idea how you do this, but that's really cool!! And I love PINK!! :)
8/18/2008 4:01:11 PM

Jimbo you are the Rodin of ballon animals-later bro-kev
8/16/2008 9:21:41 PM

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