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HEAVY WATER    From DLHarrison

i love the way you play the guitar ! good job on this video
7/28/2010 9:54:13 PM

i like this video a lot
7/15/2010 4:32:00 PM

Missin' the chocolate fountain days!
5/1/2009 1:42:54 AM

Sticky & Sweet all the way around-Thanks for the tune!
8/19/2008 3:25:57 PM

this song is ridiculously good, it needs to be on the radio.
8/6/2008 10:07:27 AM

Very Cool Video
8/5/2008 1:58:56 PM

Very smooth
8/5/2008 1:47:19 PM

This video is awesome!! You have a really cool look; your voice is off the hook :) and your guitar is the icing on the cake...LOVE IT!!
8/5/2008 1:05:51 PM

I love your sound.
8/5/2008 11:35:47 AM

That was great. Man, you have soul! I dig the song, your voice and the hat.
8/5/2008 10:50:28 AM

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