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haha this is awesome
1/21/2012 1:38:45 PM

haha this is awesome
1/21/2012 1:38:43 PM

! Ahhh!!! That is so cool!!!! Ilove it. Please continue.
10/4/2011 3:30:43 PM

you guys r great keep it up
8/3/2010 11:38:35 AM

Ari plays heavenly
8/8/2010 9:47:10 PM

7/14/2010 8:55:16 AM

ari reminds me of a nymph, like a forest nymph from ireland.
4/8/2010 8:08:19 PM

Really did look like he was playing a flute!Awesome!
2/1/2010 2:05:46 PM

Ari is a very skilled guy.
2/1/2010 5:32:15 PM

Haha this was very endearing and hilarious. Please do more! That Ipod Ocarina was rocked hard. And guitar, even harder. I love the light hearted-ness of it all. Thank you for making me laugh!!
9/28/2009 12:36:27 AM

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