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BECAUSE WE BELIEVE    From johnwhitaker26

Nice job.
7/21/2010 9:25:57 AM

You have a very nice voice! Very powerful! This was really good!
6/9/2009 8:59:26 AM

9/25/2009 11:37:44 PM

Excellent vocal range. I look forward to see the show next week. Some friends from New York are in town.
4/4/2009 12:57:31 AM

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy the song.
9/25/2009 11:46:48 PM

You have a beautiful voice. I'm inspired by your song. As a singer & a model, its a cool song.
4/3/2009 3:31:22 PM

Thanks, say hi to the family for me. I'll see yah when you get back from NY.
9/25/2009 11:49:17 PM

I can't help but comment again. You are very talented singer with excellent range. You should post this in new videos so everyone can hear it. wow!
3/30/2009 11:12:18 PM

Thanks, I'm humbled & honored by your comment.
3/30/2009 11:39:51 PM

beautiful song!
3/30/2009 11:07:11 PM

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