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HEARTBREAK    From DestineeQuinn

In this case heartbreak = great songwriting I wanna hear you belt it more! The top end of your voice is awesome!
1/19/2012 10:40:45 PM

Actually, I would say girls=heartbreak. I can write a dissertation on that.
8/18/2011 5:31:01 PM

8/18/2011 5:30:26 PM

7/29/2010 11:11:05 AM

You're so pretty
8/29/2009 3:46:20 PM

heya Destinee :y Well done, excellent vocal and I love yer joy! More ppl need what we have..a joy w/o explanation..except that it is from the LORD :y
3/30/2009 4:57:24 PM

hi babe can"t wait for the show tomorow!youre the best!
3/20/2009 10:09:39 PM

3/20/2009 1:08:57 PM

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