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MAN LIKE ME    From RodneyWayne

8/5/2010 9:07:34 AM

You should be signed.awsome!!
5/7/2010 11:41:31 AM

This sounds really good! You're very talented, good job
3/12/2009 11:30:36 AM

Dude, great original tune and a perfect setting.
3/11/2009 9:35:39 PM

Loved it
3/11/2009 2:21:57 PM

This is awesome!! GREAT JOB!! Keep 'em coming!! YEEEE HAW!!!
3/10/2009 4:54:38 PM

Great job Rodney!! Nice meeting ya buddy. Cant wait for more videos
3/10/2009 4:32:06 PM

Way to go Rodney! I LOVE THIS SONG! Keep it up dog. AH HEE
3/10/2009 3:53:28 PM

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