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Nice video.
8/19/2010 8:40:00 AM

im jealous of the girls you get to do these videos
8/12/2010 7:29:28 PM

can u tell me how to get your boy big c or big lier on the celly.hit a brother back thanks q-tip.
3/9/2009 9:57:32 AM

wow you guys are so gangsta
3/3/2009 4:43:39 PM

lol last message was kind of harsh i will say this though, it is a good way to bring people to this thing. Good job on that :)
2/25/2009 8:14:11 PM

Thanks for your approval now i can sleep tonight :)
3/2/2009 12:58:55 PM

lol alot of money, nice gas station glasses dude. If u were loaded u would be rockin oakleys or gucci or..... well somethign more expensive dude lol u r fake.
2/25/2009 8:13:11 PM

kiss my fakes :)
3/2/2009 12:56:45 PM

Is Superfly a mute??
2/25/2009 11:01:55 AM

Yea Muteiful baby :)
3/2/2009 12:57:55 PM

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