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8/26/2010 10:10:26 AM

I think Jason is so cool! Music, rhythm, and what a cute face! Just can't stop swinging to that music.......... MJ
7/15/2009 8:02:47 PM

rebekah your hot
2/23/2009 7:37:26 PM

Thank you! Keep watching for new videos.
2/25/2009 10:03:18 PM

josh, u guys rock. Nice song cant believe u wrote that, P.S. love the little rockband drumset. u seem like a cool person also : )
2/23/2009 7:36:52 PM

He is cute and has a great personality. I definitely hope Manufactured Defects makes it big!
2/13/2009 2:30:42 PM

Josh is so hot too! And nice. So I guess theyre both hot, nice and talented.
2/13/2009 11:14:49 AM

Great job, you guys look like your having fun...Josh is so talented and Rebecca is so hot.
2/13/2009 11:07:24 AM

ooohh-Thank you so much!!!
2/13/2009 5:05:59 PM

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