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TO MY BELOVED FRANZ    From taurus512

Well done.
8/30/2010 8:38:48 AM

you have a very nice voice keep up the good work
8/18/2010 8:07:56 PM

franz would love this i must say! this is the best song
7/23/2010 11:17:41 PM

How sweet! This brought a huge smile to my face. :-) Im sure Franz loved it
2/6/2009 10:00:08 AM

Its all about true love, good luck
2/5/2009 4:27:44 PM

Hey david it was soo nice to meet you, I hope Franz finally got to see it! Have a great trip
2/5/2009 3:51:12 PM

O I am sure that she loved this video!!
2/5/2009 9:35:53 AM

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