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NO MORE    From gavrules

ahh this is reallyfun! keep up the good work
8/9/2010 10:04:06 PM

this is a very cool video tory very good voice
7/26/2010 9:41:57 PM

this is soooo fun! i like this video a lot!
7/20/2010 9:35:51 PM

you rock girl
10/4/2008 9:40:09 AM

We love you very much.....always:)
9/11/2008 5:51:53 PM

WOW! You are going to take over the world, little lady!
8/19/2008 3:45:26 PM

Tori, WOW WOW WOW you are so gifted and I know that we will see you in Hollywood!!
8/19/2008 3:19:04 PM

WOO-HOO, Tori!! You have some great hits!! I love the sparkly backround :) :) :)
8/18/2008 3:40:13 PM

you are ok
11/7/2008 6:00:29 PM

Tori......You are the BEST. Very talented. We love you:)
8/14/2008 4:26:08 PM

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