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haha this is my rage song at an ex-boyfriend! I love it! and I love how you could both laugh after your voice cracking on that super-hard note. I can barely reach her highest notes so the fact that you two really tried makes me very proud of you :) Great job!
11/7/2010 11:31:53 AM

Well done.
9/13/2010 8:42:53 AM

keep up the good work kids!
9/11/2010 7:34:35 PM

love the backround and the song.. good job girls
5/18/2010 10:05:43 AM

I love your edhardy shirt great job
6/3/2009 8:02:48 AM

Your dad is cool!
3/26/2009 5:46:34 PM

YOU GO GIRLS!!!! NICE JOB!!!!!!!!!!
3/17/2009 7:30:00 PM

heyyy gianna im syd in your school! =) your sooo good kelly showed me your vid and it is soooo good! i have 4 vidios but only the one with me and kelly is on their
2/8/2009 9:36:44 AM

Looks like you all had a wonderful time!!
1/26/2009 1:17:10 PM

good job.
1/25/2009 4:32:02 PM

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