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HURT-BY SAVANNAH    From Savannah

Good job...absolutely amazing.
3/23/2012 11:25:39 PM

Good video.
9/20/2010 8:44:46 AM

hola , honey u look so cute there and a good job u did really nice ..break a leg!!!
9/2/2010 10:20:29 AM

That is REALLY good. Like RREEAALLLLYY good! =P
12/8/2009 12:06:20 PM

Thanks ;)
1/9/2010 9:16:06 AM

This sounds really good. Seriously good job!!
5/11/2009 10:44:57 PM

1/9/2010 9:16:17 AM

savannah u look so different in all ur pictures than in real life well u look the same on this video:)
5/7/2009 12:08:03 AM

your amazing what school do u go to i think i know u what grade
5/5/2009 5:40:06 PM

neva knew u sing that gooooooood WOW!LUV YA! NO homo
4/10/2009 7:55:14 PM

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