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wow! nicely done!
8/17/2011 1:06:18 PM

Nice job.
9/21/2010 11:42:28 AM

you play the guitar really well sir
8/7/2010 9:37:53 PM

I really like your video, great job!
6/9/2009 7:19:51 PM

love it great song bro
4/13/2009 2:49:44 PM

I just tweeted the link to this video. Enjoying it again. :)
4/7/2009 5:06:11 PM

Thanks! This is a very kind community and you guys are great.
1/28/2009 10:08:55 PM

I just listened to your song again, and I like it more every time. It is really moving. Thank goodness for artists like you who express for the rest of us what we feel but dont know how to express for ourselves.
1/19/2009 11:07:07 AM

This is an excellent song! Cool background.
1/18/2009 4:22:56 PM

This is so nice. Youre really talented! Thanks for sharing your music.
1/17/2009 1:47:12 PM

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