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REASONS    From Jerrychuck101

you have a really good voice
5/16/2012 5:32:54 PM

Thanks! That's very gracious of you. Keep in touch. I am a songwriter as well. I have numerous songs that I've written in Spanish and English: Salsa,Rock,Ballads currently working on some Techno/Pop as well. Hope your doing well! :)
5/18/2012 11:33:58 AM

9/28/2010 9:00:32 AM

this cover is really good! i like your voice!
8/12/2010 7:35:36 PM

GO JERRY!!!!!!!!!!!
3/22/2009 10:28:00 PM

Thank you sooooo very much!! It was kind of pathetic for my first time but what the heck!! Hope all is well!!
4/13/2009 8:57:14 PM

What a wonderful performance
1/8/2009 12:37:02 PM

Thanks Guys!! All the best!! I Still need much work! :)
4/13/2009 8:58:07 PM

loved it! good job!
1/7/2009 4:27:16 PM

Thanks Kaylee! All the best!
4/13/2009 8:58:27 PM

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