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Your not gonna believe me but.......Theres someone right behind you..
12/30/2008 2:59:14 PM

you won me ova wit this track, you seem to be able to write about anything, and thats whats amazin bout you, hope to see more of this side of you soon. who eva you had on your mind when doing this, she"s one lucky girl
10/22/2008 1:40:06 AM

I like this R&B side of you.
7/8/2008 1:05:08 PM

I saw her first Jon
7/8/2008 2:29:33 AM

Can you introduce me to that girl behind you?
7/7/2008 11:10:18 PM

Slikk, every song you write is amazing. You put so much emotion into your videos; they are riveting...absolutely captivating!!
7/7/2008 4:52:58 PM

Very Sexy Song!!!
7/7/2008 4:36:18 PM

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