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9/19/2011 9:41:01 AM

The head and body coming out of the mouth was pretty good! I wrote a Hanukkah song for a friend and put it up here,too.
2/10/2010 11:41:46 PM

Love your special effects!! Hahahah!
1/6/2010 5:16:31 PM

Too funny! You girls are a riot! You should do more videos...
6/8/2009 8:34:48 PM

thanks! lol we will!! more to come
6/9/2009 3:52:29 PM

Very funny, love the creativity.
12/15/2008 3:35:27 PM

The most creative video of all time. Great job on regurgitation!
12/15/2008 2:04:36 PM

Jews and two favorite things.
12/15/2008 1:40:04 PM

You two are hysterical!
12/15/2008 8:53:51 AM

you girls are fun to watch! I like that music, too.
12/15/2008 8:32:11 AM

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