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TAKE MY HAND    From FalconClub

keep up the good work!
10/6/2010 4:19:19 PM

wORKIN hard !!!! In The Divine !!! Gods Love
4/19/2011 12:18:41 PM

Well done.
9/10/2010 9:02:07 AM

Really ? Noooooooo!! OK !11 Thank You Big Time David
4/19/2011 12:17:24 PM

haha awesome video my dude! this is pretty good i must say
7/23/2010 11:12:42 PM

Thanks Feel i need a costume to reply ha ha
4/19/2011 12:16:29 PM

take my hand! great lyrics =] makem ore videos dudder!
7/22/2010 9:19:09 PM

Very Coooooooooool Thank you . Makin more now ! True Blue .
4/19/2011 12:15:29 PM

hey it was so nice to meet you two, keep up the song writing and supporting our troops!
1/26/2009 4:01:52 PM

Lauren Hey Howdy It was very nice meetting you also. I hope you are their the next time I come down to record. Thank you for your great help. May Gods love , fill you more and more ! Thank you Falcon Club David Helda
1/27/2009 10:25:34 AM

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